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Hot off the mixing desk, today's recording from a sunny veranda on the edge of the Border Ranges National Park, NSW, Australia. Warts and all - live desk recording - no editing. Enjoy!

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Hi, how are you? I'm a , producer, sound-engineer & occasional . A , pro-, & advocate. I make , , , and . I used to collaborate with musicians such as Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth of Gong & writers such as Michael Moorcock. Interesting times. Nowadays I'm a semi-hermit living with my partner & two sons in an old farmhouse & studio next to a world-heritage rainforest.

Very much liking the look of the new format - most notably the fact that it's being released under the MIT license. Kudos to & -he (& the other developers) for releasing it under an open license! A good interview with those involved -

Very intrigued by the new audio format, but I have to say that the name choice is quite unfortunate. Still, I guess its superior to "General Oscillator Normalisation Object Relational Rhythm Harmonic Enduser Application".

I know a solution to exploitation of musicians problem!

The sale or commercial enterprise of any musical activity is considered criminal. It is absolutely forbidden.

Those producing or helping in production of sonic art have a guaranteed basic life needs covered: place to stay, free electricity and Internet and heating and food.

All music is automatically in public domain. there's no concept of intellectual property

#solarisecon, our #solarpunk conference starting in 90 minutes! You can find all the links at

An excerpt from "Is Solarpunk just another style?" introduction:

Hot off the mixing desk, today's recording from a sunny veranda on the edge of the Border Ranges National Park, NSW, Australia. Warts and all - live desk recording - no editing. Enjoy!

Next up on the post-late-breakfast playlist Sheila Chandra's ABoneCroneDrone. First sunny day in over a month - so we're setting up music gear on the verandah.

Something relevant to kick off with - Daevid Allen Seven Drones - while late breakfast & music gear setup is underway.

composed the soundtrack to not only many films but also more or less the soundtrack to my childhood. Heaven & Hell is probably the first I remember well.

day at last! Braving minor flooding to get to the polling booth. Still, it's much much less than people in some countries have to go through to vote.

An interesting discovery. The incredibly irritating noise that I had assumed was a mouse scratching in the bedroom wall turns out to be a very cute micro-bat. Instantly, the noise is no longer annoying. Amazing how the brain works. I've decided to call it Mike. (Music reference)

It's been a bad month for my enthusiasms - I've got pretty much a whole vinyl shelf each of Klaus (& related) and (& related). Makes me want to post Brian some extra multi-vitamins.

also did his fair share of albums - most notably Beaubourg (1978) and Invisible Connections (1985). Not exactly new age relaxation elevator music by a very long shot.

is often wrongly associated with New Age . For those who are of that opinion, I'd suggest they check out the Aphrodite's Child album "666" - possibly the heaviest album of all time - and not in the usual metal sense.

has returned to Mount Olympus. I've without question listened to more of his than any other musician in my life. He my not be alive - but he is without question immortal.

Some strange things going on with my my instance right now, but still... Here's my last solo "What There Is" available in it's entirety. I could make an attempt to tag genres, but better mention some literary influences - Robert Calvert, Angela Carter, Iain Sinclair, Michael Moorcock, William Burroughs, JG Ballard, Robert Holdstock etc etc.

My Ben Wheatley viewing spree continues tonight with his 2020 version of Rebecca. Being quite partial to du Maurier & to a lesser extent the Hitchcock version, I was expecting to be critical of it - but was very pleasantly surprised. Wheatley is rapidly becoming one of my top-shelf directors.

Beannachadh Bealltain! Happy ! (Even though its technically speaking Samhain here in the southern hemisphere). Raining like the clappers, so no bonfires hereabouts tonight.

Vale Klaus , one of the most important & prolific pioneers. I've been regularly listening to his music over the last few months, having picked up a new turntable. I've a pretty extensive collection of not only his solo work but many of the other artists on his label Innovative Communications. Great stuff. .

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