What amuses me the most about everyone that is up in arms about blocking news posts in is the fact that it's a company, a business, a private concern - not a public resource, not some kind of public forum owned by the people that some people seem to think it is. It's just a corporate website geared towards making money by sucking metrics from people's behaviour. Preaching to the converted on the I know, but there it is...

Very amused to watch the vs Govt stoush at the moment. I've er "disliked" Facebag since its inception and have nothing to do with it, but the current Australian govt is even greater bunch of tosspots. Never thought I'd prefer Friendface over something else but there it is. One is a dodgy business which we are (arguably, more or less) free to not participate in, the other (apparently) controls / directs a country and lords over all who live in it.

Apologies for strong language 

vs the Australian Government, yes... it's arseholes vs dickheads.

Fantastic to see a new Adam Curtis series has been released - "Can't Get You Out of My Head". Having seen the first episode, I can say he's particularly in fine form. Looking forward to taking a deep dive through the whole series. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to delve into the history of the West's neuroses.

Tonight's quality media ingestions: Pope Joan on the visual spectrum, and newly purchased Bevis Frond's album "We're Your Friends, Man" on the audio. I've been wanting to watch the former for some time (great film), and wasn't aware the latter had been released (fantastic thus far - I love pretty much all previous Frond albums, so I guess now surprise).

Never noticed how much early (Boy) sounds like earlyish . This is my irrelevant observation for the day.

Mostly raining today - so hacking at the ever-growing grasses surrounding the house was out, instead I pulled the house network, media centre, file server, etc apart and reconstructed it. Now, attempting to install on a as a final pre-bed activity. A digital spring-clean, so to speak.

Looking forward to checking out as a federated alternative. I've been keeping an eye on for some time too. It boggles my mind how any decentralised system can solve the problems brought up by such a database, which seem by nature to require a degree of centralisation. Archive.org's Open Library for example has many duplicate records for the same title - I wonder how will this be solved in the ?

As someone who historically doesn't like Star Wars, it's been an interesting experience, pop-culturally speaking (if such a phrase could be said to exist), to watch one film a night in story-timeline order, over the last week and a bit.

And my fedihopping continues - moved back to Mastodon on the VPS due to a couple of issues I was having with Pleroma. I look forward to trying Epicyon if & when it is supported by Yunohost.

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