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Just picked up a recent second-hand with the intention of turning it into nice little pure terminal-only computer for typing text... planned to install Arch (BTW) but I now discover that the bloody thing is one of the few models that you can't nuke ChromeOS and install something decent. Yeah, it can fire up a Google/Debian hybrid VM (Deggle? Goobian?) inside ChromeOS but I don't think I can stand having something in the house that's running such pure unadulterated . Urg.

With all of the current influx of people hereabouts, it bears repeating - is only one facet of a larger connected . For or enthusiasts you may want to check out , which fulfils similar purposes to & . Lovers of and will certainly want to check out which is analogous to . Both excellent projects!

Back to slaving over a hot mixing desk... it's the final push on current mixing project. Past the "lets see how many overdubs we can do" phase and moved on to the "how much can we remove" phase - a sure sign that we're nearing completion.

Hi, how are you? I'm a , producer, sound-engineer & occasional . A , pro-, & advocate. I make , , , and . I used to collaborate with musicians such as Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth of Gong & writers such as Michael Moorcock. Interesting times. Nowadays I'm a semi-hermit living with my partner & two sons in an old farmhouse & studio next to a world-heritage rainforest.

Seems about time to do a reintroduction on account of the fact that all the cool kids are are currently doing it ... and my old one has drifted into the cosmic ether.

I don't have much of an opinion about - just another gazillionaire buying a walled garden to play in - but it -is- very nice to see the influx of people onto the .

The sheer gall to be all up in arms about "harvesting metadata" when that is basically the primary purpose of & the rest of Silicon Valley is absolutely mindblowing.

One thing that I've noticed when backing up & restoring a instance is that I'm never able to see the posts of users who require authorization to follow them after restore. It's frustrating, as there are some interesting stuff that I'm missing.


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